The Loose Ends Kohlection

Life is a lot like knitting. You do your best to measure twice and cut once, but things don’t always work out like you planned. Sometimes you come up short and sometimes you end up with extras, but it usually works out.

Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you’re left with a lot of loose ends and no idea what to do with the whole mess.


There is little that I hate more than feeling helpless. I insist that there always is something that can be done and I am very rarely wrong about those things.

Kohleidoscope creations always leave me with a little left over cotton yarn. It’s too much to throw away and not enough to do anything with.
Loose ends. While contemplating the randomness of life the other day, it occurred to me that – like loose ends – we’re not very useful in huge situations alone, but together we can do amazing things. I began connecting all of these loose ends and rolling them into a ball. As the ball grew, I noticed that if I kept adding all the loose ends, the ball would be never-ending.
I decided the ball represented all of us. Alone we aren’t able to do much, but together we can make endless beautiful things happen. I started making washcloths in 2016 and Skohl Caps in 2017 from the ball of loose ends. Not caring about if the yarn matched, how many colors got used, what it looked like. Turns out, they look amazing.

Suddenly, all these frustrating loose ends became useful, important, beautiful functional art.

In August of 2018, I was hospitalized with a serious blood infection and resultant other heath issues.  I’m still fighting to figure out an exact diagnosis and treatment plan.  I am struggling, but I won’t give up.  It’s been a hard few months, but I’m continuing to take steps every day.  All proceeds from the Loose End Kohlection as well as other Kohleidoscope purchases will go to pay for medical bills and the cost of living while otherwise unemployed.  Thank you for your help!