You Ought to Know …

A few things you should know:

  • Kohleidoscope actually came about close to a decade ago. I had a blog when I was doing a lot of spinning my own yarn and designing patterns for Ozark Handspun and I just decided to reboot it. I decided to leave those posts up because they are a part of the history, but the current incarnation of Kohleidoscope posts start March 2016.
  • Like all things in life, this site will change quickly, frequently, and without warning. Check back often or, if you like to keep things simple, you can subscribe using the RSS feed buttons over there. ———>
  • Kohleidoscope is a business for me, but it is also my playground. The things I create and the things I post are based on what feels like fun to me at the time. I might make something once and never again. Or I might make the same thing a million times. I might write about a certain movie I watched while knitting something, a Spotify playlist that got me through making 100 koozies for Christmas, or what I burned for dinner because I was so excited about the way a pair of mittens turned out, or about how my art helps me with my depression.
  • As a writer, I will write a lot.
  • As an artist, I will edit almost none.
  • Pictures I share will range from amazing professional photographs to snap shots that look like a toddler on Robitussin grabbed the camera while the power was out.