Yes, I know Walmart has it cheaper …


I know. I know. I KNOW. My items are way more expensive than you can find at Walmart or Target or whatever store you just left. I know. It’s true and I can make one unbreakable promise to you: they always will be. While that might sound like a turn off, let me tell you why you should spend the money anyway.

When you buy items from a large store, you will be saving some money, sure, but your money is going to big businesses, eventually to men and women who already have so very much.  Very little of it goes to the manufacturers, very often overseas, where people work for hours and make almost nothing, certainly not a living wage. Products are made who knows where from who knows what and it’s all anonymous and faceless and undeclared and who knows what is really happening behind the scenes.

When you buy directly from an artist or a small business owner, it’s all out in the open. You get to see people face to face. You can meet and talk to the people you are directly supporting with your money. You get to ask questions. You get to hear the story as to why this hat has a squiggle in the back or from where the idea for the reusable bags came or how many times the gloves failed before they worked. By supporting local business /small business / artists and artisans, you get to be a part of the process. You might be able to put in special orders and get exactly what you want (hint: Kohleidoscope does custom orders,) request a different color or size. If things need repairing, your local folks will likely fix it (hint: Kohleidoscope stands by its quality and will fix anything that comes undone.)

I make every single item here by hand, one stitch at a time. Each skein of yarn is picked out by me and I am the one who drives around looking for the best fibers and / or spending hours hunting through Amazon for the best deal. All of the patterns are my original designs. I drive each item to the post office and stand in line. When you place a custom order from me or purchase something that is made to order, I will stay in contact with you and give you updates on the project until it arrives at your door. Your dollars go directly to support myself, my children, and their education and we couldn’t be more grateful. You’re not just buying an item, you’re making a difference in our lives.

Buying from small business is more expensive than buying from large stores, but it is far more valuable.