The head on top of my refrigerator

If you were to walk into my kitchen you might totally freak out. Especially at night. No, I don’t have creepy crawlies. I don’t have bugs or other grossness. Unless you happen to consider the fact that I have a head on top of my refrigerator gross, that is.

JoJo the JuJu Queen came to live with us last week, courtesy of my friend, Karyn. She continually makes my husband jump every single night. He comes in from his nightly escape to the garage (man’s world,) and as he walks into the living room, he has to walk through the kitchen where JoJo scares the bejeebers out of him, making him scream, “Sarah, will you please PLEASE find another spot for that thing!!!” This delights and humors me to no end. JoJo has found her permanent place. Heh Heh Heh.

Anyway, JoJo looks to be the holder of some good juju and not very likely to hex me with bad juju, so we treat her nicely, talk lovingly about her, and make sure she approves of the Costume of the Day. She seems to be happy, which might, in turn, make you happy.

JoJo’s job is to wear hats. Yep. After I make hats and felt them, they need a place to dry. Up until JoJo moved in, this job was taken by stainless steel mixing bowls. In case you haven’t ever tried it, let me be the first to tell you that a human head is decidedly not the same shape as a stainless steel mixing bowl. Enter JoJo. What this means for you is two simple, beautiful, exciting words: MORE HATS. Look for them soon. If you want one made especially for you, contact me and we can work it out!

And if, indeed, your head is shaped like a stainless steel mixing bowl, don’t worry darlin’, I can hook you up.

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