A note about *SOLD*

I’ve been contacted by several folks lately with regards to some of the items seen on this blog.  I’m so happy to be getting the exposure and interest is growing.  This pleases me tremendously. 
Most everyone has commented on the fact that most of what you see is marked *SOLD.*  This is because most, although not all, of what I make is custom ordered, meaning that it’s sold even before it’s made.  I still find that showing pictures of sold items to be helpful – I think it helps people know what options are available to them.
So, if you see something you like and it’s marked, *SOLD,* you might still be able to have one like it!  It’s nearly impossible to exactly duplicate an item due to the unique hand made quality of both the felted items and the yarns themselves.  I’m certainly happy to work hard to come close.


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